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Pepitih Sdn. Bhd. (“Pepitih”, “we”, “us” or “our”) will be processing your personal data whenever you register with our website for any existing or future feature/service on our websites Pepitih.com, Pepitih.com.my, Pepitih.my or any other future variations (“Pepitih Website”, “website”).

Privacy is important to us as it ensures everyone using the Pepitih Website is protected when using our services. We have put together this Privacy Policy and Notice so that you may understand what we are doing as well as your rights on the matter.

The collection of personal data is important to us in order to continuously improve our business and service by providing the best information and news for you, our readers. It also helps us keep the services we are providing free.

1. Who We Are

We are Pepitih Sdn Bhd (1310791-H) and we are providing personal finance information and news on our Pepitih Website.

Here is our mailing address for any queries on privacy policy:

Pepitih Sdn Bhd (1310791-H)
56A, Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya
47300 Petaling Jaya
Email: hello@pepitih.com

2. Personal Data Pepitih May Collect

Our collection of personal data may include but not limited to these examples:

  1. Name;
  2. National registration identity card number;
  3. Gender;
  4. Race, ethnicity and/or religious beliefs;
  5. Physical address;
  6. Telephone number (mobile, home, office);
  7. Email address;
  8. Age;
  9. Employment details;
  10. Income;
  11. Marital status;
  12. Family information;
  13. Residential status;
  14. Car ownership;
  15. Investment plans;
  16. Credit card details;
  17. E-wallet or any digital finance details;
  18. Physical/mental health or medical condition;
  19. Lifestyle preferences (hobbies, leisure, travel, dining, pastimes, sports, shopping, digital lifestyle, smartphone, computers, fashion, etc);
  20. Spending habits;
  21. Social Media account details;
  22. Mobile carrier provider;
  23. Banking needs and preferences;
  24. Media consumption habits;
  25. Insurance details;
  26. Utilities supplier;
  27. Location Data;
  28. Physical/Digital Signatures;
  29. Biometric Identifiers;
  30. Legal status.

We may include other details to collect in the future that may not be included in the list above. The list is only an example of what we may collect from user registration, polls, as well as queries either directly or indirectly to us.

We collect data via registration to some existing/future features, service or programme such as the e-mail notification of new articles. We may also conduct polls and ask users to comment on certain issues and data may be collected from these responses. We may also passively collect data from user comments to articles, social media platforms and the like.

3. How Pepitih may use your data

Pepitih may use the data collected to:

  1. Verify your identity;
  2. Responding to queries and/or complaints;
  3. Conduct market research;
  4. Send e-mail notifications;
  5. Keep in touch with our audience;
  6. Generating content;
  7. Conduct analysis;
  8. Conduct internal audit of our operations;
  9. Managing our procedures;
  10. Complying with any applicable rules and laws;
  11. Work together with law enforcement authorities;
  12. Protecting our rights according to our Terms and Conditions;
  13. Contacting you in the case of contests and giveaways and any other form of promotion; personalisation of content, business information or user experience;
  14. Account set up and administration;
  15. Deliver marketing and events communication;
  16. Carry out polls and surveys;
  17. Conduct internal research and development;
  18. Provide goods and services;
  19. Provide legal obligations (eg prevention of scams);
  20. Any of the purposes or combination of purposes stated above.

You hereby recognize that Pepitih may record your data for these purposes and other purposes we deem necessary or beneficial to our readers. In order to better serve you and the community, we will retain your data even after you have left the site for the purposes of creating better information and better quality news and articles that cater specifically to your and the community’s needs.

By filling in your personal data on the Pepitih Website, you hereby consent to having your data stored and retained by Pepitih. If you do not wish for your data to be stored, please contact the Privacy Officer we will list at the end of the Privacy Policy and Notice.

4. What if you fail to supply personal data?

Failure to supply personal data when requested may affect the quality of service and/or information you find on Pepitih Website and Pepitih itself.

5. Legal basis for collecting personal data

We collect you legal data on a consent basis. You consent to share your personal data when you use the website, accept the terms and conditions, register for any features and/or services provided. For example, you give us your email address to get email notifications or participate in polls. If you do not wish for your data to be stored, please contact the Privacy Officer we will list at the end of the Privacy Policy and Notice.

6. When do we share personal data?

Your personal data is kept secured and confidential. However, you hereby consent and authorize us to provide or disclose your personal data to the following categories or parties:

  1. The authorities – any person or authority we are legally compelled or required to do so by law, court order or rules and regulations set by a rightful Government agency.
  2. Government agencies or industry regulators
  3. Our auditors, consultants, lawyers or professional financial advisers
  4. Members of our group, their companies and affiliates
  5. Our business partners and affiliates in order to provide the best financial services catered to you
  6. Third party service providers or sub contractors providing us with service to improve our websites

7. Encryption and personal data protection

Pepitih takes great care in protecting your personal data either through our administrative practices or using the best available forms of encryption. Your personal data is stored securely in our servers and are not displayed openly for anyone without proper authorization from board members and only for the purposes listed in 3.

Pepitih Website data and your personal data is stored in our servers. We use a distributed server architecture for extra security and robustness.
Your personal data with Pepitih Website is protected by 128-bit encryption.

8. Collection of other data

The system may also record your other data that does not fall under the stated categories for personal data, such as browser types, IP address, cookes, and your browsing habits. This list is by no means exhaustive and may include other details as technology progresses.

These data are used for website improvement and also falls under our protection and use of personal data.

9. How long do we keep your personal data?

Your personal data will be kept for as long as Pepitih needs to in order to fulfil our services to you. We will retain your data for as long as it takes to achieve the purposes listed in 3. This is true unless the law or legal matters require us to hold the data for a longer period of time.

10. Cookies

In order for us to improve the website and our services to you, we may employ the use of ‘cookies’ that track your browsing habits on our website.

If you leave a comment on our website, you can choose to keep your login name or email as well as your website in a cookie. This is for your convenience so you don’t have to reenter the information if you want to comment again. This cookie will last a year.

If you have an account with us and you log in to the website, we will set a temporary cookie to determine your browser accepts cookies. This cookie has no personal data and will be deleted when you close your browser.

When you log in to a Pepitih account, we will set a few cookies to store your login information and dashboard preferences. Login cookies last for two days and screen option cookies last a year. If you choose ‘Remember me’, your login cookie will last for two weeks. When you log out of your account, the login cookie will be deleted.

11. Your rights to amend or delete your data

Your personal data should ideally be current and accurate in order for Pepitih Website to provide you our best service. We will keep your data safe and retain it for as long as we are trying to achieve our goals as stated in 3.

Pepitih hopes that users with an account on Pepitih amend and update their data if there are any changes. It is recommended that you update every three months. We will try to make it easy for you to update your data.

  • You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data held by Pepitih.
  • You may check whether we are holding or use your personal data.
  • You may request access to such data that concerns you.
  • You may request that we correct your personal data.
  • You may request we hold on to your data for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes listed in 3.
  • You may request us to explain our policies and procedures in relation to personal data handled by us.
  • You may also tell us your objection to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes whereupon we will not use your personal data for these purposes. Your non-consent may hamper our ability to perform some or all of the purposes for which the data was collected.

Should you require to delete your data as a user from the website, please contact our privacy officer listed below.

12. For overseas users

This privacy policy and notice is intended for users of the Pepitih Website within Malaysia. If you are visiting from outside of Malaysia, please be aware that your data may be stored and processed where our servers are located. Please be assured that we take reasonable measures to protect your data within the laws of Malaysia and that your privacy is protected accordingly.

13. Privacy Officer

Should have any queries regarding this matter, please contact:

Privacy Officer
Pepitih Sdn Bhd (1310791-H)
56A, Jalan SS2/66
Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor
Email: hello@pepitih.com

Pepitih reserves the right to update and amend this Policy and Notice from time to time. Any material changes will be posted on our website with the updated Privacy Policy and Notice.

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